all embroidery machine review


in the first place - consciously. Spend some time learning-to-date models to compare their technical characteristics, to determine the size of the budget and to choose. Only an informed choice will allow you, in consequence, do not regret it, and embroidery machine, with all its functionality, will delight over the years. Please spend reading various articles on choosing household appliances embroidery couple of hours ...
How to choose domestic machine?

Expensive but good ...

Some people believe that expensive heaped model useless for novice embroiderer supposedly newcomer easily cost "primitive" computer embroidery machine, and explore the simple move to the complex.
I note that there is no primitive computer machines. Basically the price consists of the availability of additional innovative technologies, embedded software, LCD display and the size of the hoop.


affordable embroidery machine

How to choose a household embroidery machine. Large pyaltsaVot oddly enough, the more the hoop - the more features and more expensive model, and by choosing an inexpensive embroidery or sewing and embroidery machine, you are simply depriving yourself of the big hoop, color convenient screen to work with design and advanced features built into the machine, to help the novice embroiderer quickly and easily master the machine embroidery. Ease of use, simplicity of embroidery art is not added.

Sewing and embroidery or embroidery?

How to choose a household embroidery machine. Multi-needle - odnoigolnayaIz name should be that the first category of machines can sew and embroider, and second only to perform embroidery. To date, almost all manufacturers of household embroidery and sewing and embroidery techniques prefer to invest major technical innovations and make the maximum embroidery field size for sewing and embroidery techniques.
The only exception among the embroidery machines can be called Elna 9900 (aka Janome MB-4) - embroidery machine embroidery on the quality of performance approximate to professional equipment.


se400 review

If you think that you have a sewing machine and, therefore, you only need embroidery, then accept the fact that, as a rule, all household embroidery machines are small hoop and a small set of functions.
Another question - a limited budget. Choose from the available patterns of embroidery on the most appropriate capabilities, field size and quality of the embroidery.

The size of the hoop

It plays an important role in the choice of the embroidery machinery. Most beginners and long time embroider seek to ensure that the machines have been large hoop, and that it is possible for one zapyalivanie embroidered painting "The Battle of Borodino" in full size.
By choosing the car with the large size of the hoop must pay attention to how they fixed tissue. If the hoop can not firmly hold zapyalenny material, you face the problem of displacement design. And the more the hoop size, the stronger the design displacement.
Borders How to choose a household embroidery machine?
When choosing a car, as an alternative to a large hoop, can become modern technologies, which allow to embroider large designs into multiple zapyalivany, precisely aligning the end of the design and the start of the next. These include technological delights


All these features allow the easy (well-at not quite so easily) to embroider large designs.
Transfer embroidery designs on the car
Transfer design-in-mashinuYa do not know whether it is necessary to pay great attention to this parameter, because today almost all the embroidery and sewing and embroidery machines has many boot options. Manufacturers offer and direct transfer of designs from the computer to the machine and load through the USB-Flash. In my opinion the two methods mentioned above, the most convenient.
If you are offered to buy a sewing and embroidery machine with the load designs via a special card, first verify if a special program is needed, and secondly, think about what you will do if the card is "dead"

Reliability and country of origin

Today, it is hardly possible to name any technique more reliable than others. If you say so, quietly waiting to hear the seller, turn around and buy a car in another store.
"Made in Europe" - this is more a gimmick than a real factor affecting the quality of the equipment. Almost all home embroidery machines is going to warm countries.
Editing the design in the car
Editing dizaynovPrakticheski all manufacturers brochures proudly state that their equipment is endowed with software that allows you to edit designs.
In my opinion it is a myth. Software built into the machine allows you to slightly adjust the position of the design. Change its slope position relative to the previously embroidered design, add to the design of additional elements and more ...
Design changes size embroidery machines with recalculation of stitches is a thankless task. Most likely it is either built-in designs, or when you change the size of the loss you get a beautiful stitch fills that applied to embroidery designer.

One of the useful editing functions to design the car, I would have called the design twist on 1gradus. A design is also rotatable with the camera and markers. These functions allow you to accurately place the design on the product design and combine the two in a single project.

Cutting broaches

Imagine you embroidering design comprising several objects of the same color, spaced 3cm apart. If your machine has a thread trimming function, it is at the end of each object will make the cutting and will tie the knot (if desired). If your machine does not have a trimming function, you have to do the job manually.